Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ashley MacIssac Concert

I have a true funny story that happened to me. A few months ago my wife and I went to see my favorite fiddler Ashley MacIssac. My wife was tired that day and so when the opening act came on, she excused herself and and went out in the lobby to try and get 40 winks. We were sitting in the second row just off the to the side, in an arts centre that held about 500 people. The acoustics were great.  Ashley MacDonald played for about 30 minutes and then the star Ashley MacIssac came on stage and joined her for a few tunes. After that Ashley MasIssac started his own show with a little banter and then started in to playing a quiet tune. He was "into it" as were everyone else in the audience. Just then my wife snuck back into her seat beside me. No sooner had she sat down, than she let out a not too loud (but loud enough) yawn.  To our surprise, Ashley stopped playing, walked to the front of the stage and quipped, " I've just started playing and they're already falling asleep",  followed with a joke and then continued playing. My wife and were a bit embarrassed to say the least. However after a few minutes, the whole incident seemed to have been just be a bit of fun, and Ashley did not seem to mind at all.  In fact I think he just took it as a chance to have a laugh. The rest of the concert was great and in case you do not know Ashley's Cape Breton music, it is definitely not the music to fall asleep to.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Apple Ipad and Android Tablets

There are a lot of good apps on Ipad and Android tablets for learning music. However I have not seen a good one for the fiddle but for other instruments. My friend plays the accordion and he has a great app on his ipad for practicing the accordion. It is almost like the real thing. And of course there are many piano and guitar apps also. I use a Samsung Galaxy tab for my tablet.